ISO Register is the NATIONAL REGISTER of Suriname in which all ISO certified quality companies, organizations and institutions can be registered.

The ISO Register is a publicly accessible database in which only ISO certified organizations are included. These are companies certified on the basis of ISO quality standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 29001, ISO 16949, ISO 13485, or ISO 9001-based standards such as EQM, HKZ, OHSAS 18001, etc.

An entry in the ISO Register adds value to the ISO certificate of organizations through greater and easy findability, which can increase the chances of new contacts and customers.

Why an ISO register?

Experience and research have frequently shown that ISO certified companies would like to be included in a central national register. It is clear that the market demands easy-to-find registration.

This is logical, because they want to let the outside world know that they are ISO certified. That is why the companies also like to mention their ISO certification on all advertisements. You will find mention on websites, cars, business cards, stationery and advertising brochures. They want to shout it from the rooftops. But how do future clients, and especially those who prefer to do business with ISO certified companies, find your company if they don't know you yet? It is still not possible to visit all certification bodies to see who they have certified. Moreover, the certified customers of certification bodies are generally difficult to find on their websites and often without complete overviews ”

How do I get into the ISO register?

  • To be included in the National ISO Register you must be in possession of a valid ISO certificate.
  • To participate, fill in the registration form via this link (explanation: there will be a hyperlink to the registration form), after which we will process your application.
  • You can also email us a copy of your ISO certificate at, so it is not necessary to enter your certificate details on the registration form.



After registration, your business is easily found under a range of search criteria:

  • name - place - industry - type ISO Standard (s) - keywords
  • Your company details are listed
  • Your ISO certificate details are listed
  • Your website with direct link to your own site is listed
  • Your company logo with direct link to your own site is displayed
  • Your company name with logo will be displayed on the homepage under “ISO companies in the register”.
  • Your company is listed in alphabetical order under each search criterion
  • In the overviews, a click on your name leads to your certificate data, a click on your logo leads to your own website.


What does registration cost?

Within the ISO Register organization, we work daily on managing, further developing and improving the website and optimizing databases. Maintaining and checking registrations, collecting news and current affairs in the field of ISO certification, increasing findability on the internet, maintaining contacts and many other relevant activities are part of the daily business.

  • So you can count on a constant development of our product.
  • Moreover, ISO Register ensures a prominent position on the internet.
  • Only an extremely low annual registration fee is charged to cover our organizational costs.

The annual registration fee is only SRD. 225, = (Invoicing prior to each year.)

Would you like to be included in the National ISO Register?

Register now by sending an email to with your name and address and certificate details, after which we will contact you. or click on one of the buttons below to download the form (PDF).