Certificate of Free Sale

A Certificate of free Sale provides testimony that the sale of a particular product is not forbidden in Suriname. This document is issued by a competent authority of an exporting country.


When requesting a certificate of free the following documents should be submitted:


  • a copy of the invoice;
  • Company information
  • Name of the product(s) being exported
  • an attachment to the application if more than 5 types of products are exported;
  • ISO certification information (if applicable);
  • abstract from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Country to which the product is to be exported
  • Name (s) and address to which the certificates must be sent
  • Contact person and number at the company
  • additional supporting documents, if applicable.



Requirements for issuing a certificate of free sale


Products for which a certificate of free sale must be issued must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The products concerned are manufactured and / or processed in Suriname.
  • The products concerned are sold in Suriname.



 Procedures for applying for a Certificate of free Sale.


Applicants must submit their request with aforementioned documents via email to: info@ssb.sr  


The processing of the documents in order to approve and submit the certificate of free sale is within 10 business days.